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Feel free to call or text if you haven’t heard from us in over an hour regarding your transportation request. Text , Call , Email or chat with us online 512-563-4431 or email us at sabina@transportationusa.services

Dallas Limo Rental operates as a brokerage we do not own any transportation vehicles. We contract through authorized licensed insured companies we instruct you to ask for TCP numbers, insurance, workman’s comp and proper documentation.

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Thank you for the Request you filled out. The RATE SHEET IS BELOW

We work with over 50 companies in Dallas and surrounding counties; because of this we have literally hundreds of options to choose from. This means multiples of every type of vehicle, because the vehicles are from different companies and highly customized the same vehicle such as a H2 hummer limo may range from the lowest end to the highest end of the Fares. We will show you multiples of each so you can make the choice as to which fits your style, budget and occasion.

Below is our general fare sheet for various sizes, colors. configurations and vehicle types. The Fares windows are accurate general estimates of a variety of vehicles and capacities. Please let us know which vehicle capacities and model(s) you are looking for so we will be sending you photos of the exact vehicles in our personal response email with both photos and hourly pricing.

Thank you, call / text / email us at anytime we are open 24/7 you can also chat with us on the website.

• 24 hours phone line 512-563-4431


Fare types:

Round Trip: Fares generally a pickup from one point with transportation to a destination and then a return to a point doesn’t have to be the same as pickup location.

Hourly: Typically when a client needs multiple destinations, continual service, IE wine tours, Brewery tours,

One Way Fares: one pickup and drop off point to point.

Hybrid Fares: sometimes available for split shifts. A hourly fare mixed with transfer fares or even down time between hourly these work well for weddings that may need windows of service which large down times in the middle.

NOTE: these are general fare guidelines and we do the most to be flexible to don’t hesitate to ask for our advice on how to design your transportation needs.

3 step booking process


1.) Request for transportation

(filling out the request for transportation receiving fares, pictures, answer questions).


2.) Client fills out forms paying deposit and filing out remaining balance form

These forms are sent to you via email or sms. You just go to the link fill out form 1 and form 2 which both take under 5 minutes to fill out.


3. ) Client then receives confirmation

(make sure all information on the confirmation are correct) We then send your information and confirm with the transportation company (Dallas Limo Rental Services sends information to all parties) This information includes reservation, Itinerary, billing, and contact information.

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